Line-of-Business Applications

Line-of-business applications are the set of critical computer applications that are vital to running an enterprise.  These applications are developed based on our highly configurable core business architecture, which is based on the .NET framework.   Several deployment options are possible:

  • Web based.  Application is accessed using a web browser and utilizes a portal framework for easily customizing which components are available at runtime.


  • RIA. (Rich internet application).  Also accessed using only the web browser, the RIA takes advantage of modern presentation techniques which provide the user with a desktop-application like interface.  Theses applications are particularly well suited for control-panel type interfaces, data-entry intensive situations and applications working heavily in audio/video media.


  • Desktop / windows-forms based.  Traditional user interface that is installed on the client machines.  These applications are able to provide offline(a.k.a. temporarily connected) mode operation.


Public-Facing Web Sites

Public facing web sites are accessible to anyone on the web, and are often used to promote a company image as well as commercially provide products or services and information.    From a software development point of view, public facing web sites usually fall into one of two categories:

  • Portal or Brochure Site.  These web sites represent a "home page" for an individual or organization.   In addition to serving as an informational brochure or guide, the sites usually offer additional functionality related to the organization, such as blogs, forums, news and links.  This type of site will be developed using a portal framework which allows a high degree of customer control of the content.   The portal framework will allow the site owner to add, remove or update pages, text, images and data using simple web-based tools, and take advantage of existing plug-in modules such as forums, blogs, photo-galleries and much more.  Custom modules can also be developed.


  • Specialized Application.  This type of public facing web site is developed specifically for a unique, web-based business model.  A specialized application is custom built using a development model that that allows for fine control of user experience, navigation and page flow, application logic and appearance.



About the Company
Business Software Engineering, LLC is a U.S.-based software company, organized in 2008 by David W. Martines.   Mr. Martines has a background in the graphics and printing/publishing industry and has extensive experience in business process automation, database applications, web design and development and custom software development.